Sunday, October 18, 2009

b-day week!

I've been meaning to post a birthday blog for a couple of days now, but I think I needed to officially recover and compartmentalize. The actual day was Tuesday, but festivities began the Sunday before, with a lovely football/birthday lunch. Rumors started to fly about nonsense I won't discuss here, but suffice it to say that it's really hard to remain sympathetic and to keep that happy-face in tact when someone who is supposed to be your friend is hoping for less than stellar affairs for you. But I digress...

Monday was fairly mellow save this one awesome moment. Justin kept asking me what I wanted. I could think of two things: a camera (a kind of over-the-top expense for someone whose heart you've broken... more than once), and some (super sexy) silk long-john underwear (for my London trip). He asked me my sizes and all that and went on his merry way. I got home from work, and he had this gift bag waiting for me. He said "look what I found on my way home. I want to give it to you right now." I really did not want him to. I like surprises. I like that delicious anticipation you feel when you know you're about to get something, but you have to wait. Well, in his INFINITE wisdom (beyond his 14 years) Jamie said, "well, you were born in England right?". Jenn says, "yes!" Jamie, "Well... it's Tuesday in England right now. It's technically your birthday". Huzzah! I'd been rocked by a 14 year old. Sweet! So as I went to open the gift, Justin said, "It's reeeeaaallyy silky". So I got pissed and said, "what the hell is wrong with you? You always do this shit! It's like IMPOSSIBLE for you to allow me to enjoy a surprise. Forget it, I'm not opening it!" Like a proper whiny brat/bitch! He laughed and just pushed the bag toward me. As resigned as I could, I opened up the gift to find an amazing new canon powershot! I was SHOCKED!!! It was such a pleasant surprise. Also, I have to say, it's pretty amazing that this is the camera I ended up with. I've bought 2 digital cameras in the past 4 years or so and I hate them both. I decided after I bought the second one, that I'd ONLY buy a powershot from that moment on. He had no idea which camera I wanted, so... well done sir, well done!

Tuesday was also fairly tame. It is exactly how I wanted my actual birthday to go. Mary brought me a gift and instead of a cake, she went to Boudin and bought me a loaf of sourdough french bread and shoved a candle in it! Bomb! Perhaps a bit phallic, but still... bomb! Overall, nothing high-maintenance, just some face-time w/ some friends, some catching up, and some food.

Wednesday a group of 11 of us (I lied to the reservation lady) headed to Benihana for some grubs and some celebration! Carrie, Amanda, Theresa, Jamie, Rob, Josh, Davina, Tyson, Trager, Justin, and myself! Super-fun times, and yum yum scallops. For the record, Carrie is definitely the best person to sit next to when you go to Benihana. Tyson baked me a KILLER cake. It was ddeeeeeeelish!!! He sent me the cutest text ever too. Something about how he messed up what was supposed to be the world most "m-woriest cake". My friends are awesome! Just sayin'...

Thursday... I think I might just let this one go... well... I'll keep it brief and vague (mainly because that's how I remember it). Let's see... karaoke... surprise visitors... and not just one or two... MANY! Chunks of my night have gone missing. I told Suzi after I had drank two cocktails (one being straight Jameson) to cut me off from liquor consumption and leave me with beer only. Apparently, if it comes in a small enough glass, she doesn't consider that liquor (i.e. shots are A-OK!), and I assure you, they flowed like wine. The only reason I know I sang, no I'm sorry, SCREAMED "Proud Mary", is because I have video of it on my fancy new camera. *I* haven't even used that function yet... thanks. Video was shot that I did not authorize, and asked to be turned off three times (at least), and that COMPLETELY mortifies me every time I see it. For some sort of train-wreck-related reason, I can't delete it though. Usually if there are hazy parts of my night, someone will tell me what happened and it'll trigger a memory. In this case, I can actually watch video of myself and I STILL don't remember it. If I offended anyone... sorry. In case you were unsure, I'm pretty much the most fun drunk person ever. And by most fun, I mean I'm most likely to completely embarrass myself, but laughter is gonna happen! Don't worry mom, I didn't drive. xoxo.

Friday - I slept until about 1:45PM. I tried my best to recover before work, and then the texts/calls came. There were a number of texts I received on Friday asking me if I remembered (insert random act of retardation and/or inappropriate drunkenness here), and of course I did not. There were a couple of points where I actually had to excuse myself from what I was doing so I could compose myself and turn a less obvious shade of red/purple. Later on in the day I got to see, "Where the Wild Things Are" with Josh, Justin, and Jamie. It was a fantastic way to kind of round out my completely ridiculous week. Until this point, my week had started off so nice and mellow, and ended in complete black-out/hangover! I needed to bring it back down a notch or 36. Mission Accomplished!

Oooo but I did get to slip in someone's puke at the movie theatre... that's always fun for the whole family! I mean really... who pukes in the doorway to the ladies room of an Edwards movie theatre???? Nobody could walk in or out without slipping in it, SO GROSS!!!! *shiver*

This week: 1 - chill the "F" out. 2 - pack. 3 - sort out some DJing set-lists. 4 - Fly out to NYC/CT (Friday - Monday).

... and now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. I have more photos to post, but blogger isn't letting me. Maybe it's trying to tell me something.

  2. Your birthday week did sound hectic, and you do have great friends. I've seen them in action. You were delightful on Thursday, if that's any consolation. :)

    On another note: if you find a hosting site, like Flickr, you can put the pics there and then post them to your blog as a link. < img src=" http :// www . yourlinkaddresshere . com " height=" " and width=" " > There are other tags, but if you just put the address, it will post your pic. (the size tags will let you resize the pic in your blog).

    [I had to put spaces in the img tag because Blogger wouldn't accept it. ]