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I can't stop "sabotaging" myself. HAH! Bang! Boom! Pow!

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Music is my...

... Gaia!

I have 3 ipods (I actually have more, but these are the ones I use). I let Justin toy with my pink chromatic nano and gave him free reign over its contents. I handed it over on Thursday and got it back yesterday (Friday) filled with so many musical treats and treasures it's virtually impossible for me to get in a bad mood. I LOVE IT!!!! There's even DEAD BOYS songs on there that I haven't heard!!! I didn't think that was possible. Oh happy happy, joy joy!!!! The dude should become a personalized iPod professional! ;)

Mother Mother - Ghosting

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The Rolling Stones - Play With Fire

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Another week passes. The birthday week of one of my girls. It's been eventful. There's nothing too extravagant or amazing in this blog, just a recap.

Badass B-Day BBQ at Carrie's, where two of my friends ended up so hammered I was genuinely concerned about their well-being. Arguments ensued. Love and hate raged! Somehow through all the nonsense, I ended up having a pretty swell time.
Carrie's ACTUAL Birthday, where two more of my, (I"ll call them), acquaintances revealed their mild need for babysitting and Marilyn Manson revealed his GRAND need for theatrics. Without them, his show left me disenchanted. I guess though, for Mr. Manson, disenchantment is kind of his thing, so maybe that's the whole idea.
I decided to head out to Paladino's for their final night of swing dancing. I saw a load of old friends. It was nice, but a little bittersweet. I feel as though I have met so many people swing dancing who 1) I don't understand, 2) who don't understand me, 3) I would never have come across were it not for dancing, and 4) probably wouldn't have anything to do with me, were it not for the fact that they think I have something to offer them. It makes me feel dirty. The people I saw who DON'T fall into that category however, are so missed and it was so intensely satisfying to see their beautiful smiling faces again, and all in one place. Kim and Dave are truly wonderful people. I am so happy to see the turnout in support of them, and consider it an enormously complimentary testament to their incomparable character as PEOPLE (not just dancers). It was so over-the-top body heat humid in that place, I could barely bring myself to breath for fear of contracting the swine flu. (did you know I actually broke out in hives on my face because some dude hugged me so hard while he was sweaty? I had an allergic reaction, and have never been able to respond in kind to sweat ever again.)
Two urges overcame me that night. 1 - to MAYBE throw another LA/OC Lindy Binge and 2 - To learn Argentine Tango. Damn that's HOT!
nun'ya damn bidness. This one is for me, you can't have it!
Girls Night. The girls were in full effect. It was fantastic, and cathartic. Good show at the Grove, followed by normal weekly shenanigans at McClures. Crazy couple showed up and "daaaaannnnccced the Niiiight away". Which was entertaining until the gentleman of the couple decided to sit down and reveal his hairy belly to the bar, periodically rubbing an ice cold glass of water across it in, what I'm guessing was, an attempt to cool himself. As Carrie said, "old man AC?" On my way home, I stopped for a little snacky-poo and almost got barfed on. When I smartly chose another destination for said, snacky-poo, some OTHER dude asked me for a ride... at 2 AM!!! Come on... I'm a slasher flick lover... are you NUTS!? Yeah... why don't I just go investigate a suspicious sound upstairs, while wearing lingerie (if that), beckoning "hello?" the whole time, in the dark too buddy??? Come on.
Woke up to the delivery of my John Hughes movies (FINALLY)! Was determined to begin Hughes-fest. Decided for a nice night in with Mr. Hughes and "The Breakfast Club". Wine, fruit, and frozen yogurt.

Throughout the week there were some interspersed political issues. Mostly health reform nonsense. I don't understand a country as developed as this one which can't seem to reconcile within itself that health care for every single one of it's citizens is a GOOD THING!!! Something that we should fight for. For a country so utterly consumed with competition and being number one (at anything and everything possible), I can't understand how it's accetable to so many that we are THE ONLY industrialized, democratic union WITHOUT some form of universal coverage. I can go into great detail here... but not now. This is more of an overview of my week, not Crankfest '09.

The summer is drawing to a close, and it seems like the problems that have permeated this season are starting to work themselves out. Funny how that works. Some of my younger friends, are finding themselves. It's hard and sad sometimes, but other times it's utterly fascinating and I do my best to keep my mamma bear tendencies out of their way. Some of my older friends, on the other hand, are beginning to see a bigger picture, and see themselves in a better, brighter light. It's inspiring to watch them strive for their personal goals, however major or minor they might be.

As for me, I'm awash with ... "what's next"? Not in any kind of anticipatory, or anxious way... just... being, and hoping I can at least be a little like Republica, and "Ready to Go"!

One thing I'm definitely ready for? H2 (Halloween 2). Come to mamma!

Ted Kennedy died this week. The Liberal Lion has passed. For all of their controversy, wealth, fame, tragedy, pain, heartache, glory, and glamour, I happen to remain a fan of the Kennedy family. Their concern for the common, hard-working man, as a whole remains unmatched.

DJ AM died today too. I'm just keeping my mouth shut on this one. As someone who has dealt with hard drug abuse on an up-close, personal level... I'll just say it's always sad when someone dies.

L.A.'s on fire again!
(It's like a) Heat Wave!

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And the missing letter is???

You have to be a special breed of dumb, to take this schmuck seriously. Even his own crew doesn't take him seriously enough to let him know that he consistently makes a giant ass of himself! In only the past couple of weeks almost FIFTY companies have pulled ads from his show. HAH! Shenanigans only get you so far!

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Kevin Gillespie vs. Zack Galifinakis

I'm pretty convinced that Zack Galifinakis's ("Fat Jesus" from "The Hangover") doppleganger is on the new Season of Top Chef: Vegas. His name is Kevin Gillespie. suuuhhweeet! He even sounds like him.

I have to start off small, because there is very little in the way of photos for Mr. Gillespie, but as the show progresses I will add more.

Photographic evidence to support:

Kevin Gillespie:

Zack Galifinakis:

The most interesting dance in the world! ;)

Nuevo Tango

I'm considering carving out a large chunk of my time to learn Argentine Tango. I spoke with a friend of mine last night and she sent me this video. It's A.T. on crack! Holy bejeeebus!

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The Beta Band - Dry the Rain

I've had a crap week. I'm ready for it to turn around! I thought it was turning around, but that was just a momentary blip of awesome! Mamma wants more!

I tend to believe that you get what you give. Maybe I really wronged someone recently? I don't know. If I did, it'd be sweet to know. I'm good with apologies! Either way, I'm sending out the good juju and hoping to get some back! Carrie's B-Day BBQ is tomorrow, and I'm totally looking forward to some good times with some good friends (i.e. NOT the ones that have been "the suck" lately)! Monday... "we're all stars now..." in Marilyn Manson's, "Dope Show"! Woot woot! All good things.

I'm ready.

I'm feeling this song today!

The Beta Band - Dry the Rain

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Children = Future!

This kid tears it UP!

"America's Affordable Health Choices Act (HR 3200) will end the Hidden Health Care Tax"

Taken from the article:

This year, every insured American family will pay $1,017 -- and insured singles will pay $368 per year -- in insurance premiums just to cover the medical expenses of the uninsured.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rhetoric: Code for the "N-Word"

Hannity + Luntz = FAIL!!!

Health Care focus group backfires on Hannity/Luntz

"people getting bad information from Fox News, Limbaugh"

This woman is shameful!

What is WRONG with people these days? I mean really, freedom of speech is one thing, but to be so inconsiderate and disrespectful of your fellow man, is just shameful! I'm telling you, it's the fact that people have softened up on their ass-kicking! Used to be a day when you screamed some completely insulting jibberish someone's way, you'd get a sock in the mouth. I think it's time to reconsider the merits of such behavior!

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Flow Chart Version!

Jesus and Madonna

Does anybody else think Madonna is dating the Brazilian model named Jesus, simply out of rampant narcissism? I mean how many Jesus & Madonna pairings, outside of the bible, could there possibly be?

Barney Frank: "On what planet do you spend most of your time?"

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Roy Salvadori

So today I called the British Embassy to try to work out some of this nonsense going on with absurd paperwork. The gentleman who answered the phone was quite charming. He spelled my last name correctly, without any help and I said, "well done, sir. That RARELY happens"! He chuckled and thanked me politely. At the end of the conversation he said, "Miss Salvadori"? Which was kind of odd, because they're supposed to hurry. These calls are ABSURDLY expensive (so much so, that my credit card company called me to confirm the purchase). He continued, "Do you know why I knew how to spell your last name"? I replied with a simple, "no". He continued to go on about a race car driver named Roy Salvadori. "He's very famous. He raced for the Queen", and so on and so forth. I said, "oh yeah... he's my great uncle"! This guy was CLEARLY a racing fan! I swear if he could have gotten it over the phone he might have asked me for MY autograph. "NO WAY! What a small world! Are you joking"? And the like... so yeah.. this is him!

And a link (copy and paste)

August 17th, 2009

This was one of my worst days of 2009:

Woke up early for spin class, only to be told that the class was full, and I'd have to be put on a wait list. If somebody with a reservation didn't make it, I could take that spot. News which left me completely downtrodden because it had been three full weeks since my last class. And I loves me some spin. (Luckily though, I got in at the last second.)

Next, got home from spin to a post-it stuck to my door, informing me that a package I've been DYING to get back from the British Embassy was there to be dropped off, but it required a signature, and since I missed it, I was going to have to wait another day. I have been working on getting my passport from the British Embassy all year Starting in January. It's been a devastatingly long, drawn out, arduous process that makes me often-times want to hurt things or people, not excluding myself.

About 20 minutes later, there was a knock at my door. I answered it and it was the UPS guy. YAY, right? I was very excited. He asked me for a cigarette. Apparently, he could see by the smoking patio I have cultivated (an ashtray monument, if you will - Thank you Blake!) that smokers occupied the building. I was fine with sharing though, because the guy had brought me my long awaited passport. Or so I thought. I opened up the fancy-pants overnight envelope with that effortless, rip of the "pull here" tab, only to find all of the paperwork I had originally sent out to D.C. staring back at me. I was crushed! I was angry! I was livid! I wanted to pull my hair out from it's roots! And then I cried... and cried... and then I gathered myself, spoke to a few people on the phone who were worried about me... breathed deeply... and cried again.

I eventually gathered myself. I decided crying was no way to handle it. I'd just have to work a little harder than everyone else does (which is a SERIOUS theme in my life) to get the same result. I cleaned myself up and headed out to work.

My High School BFF, Carrie, and I used to go to Jack in the Box and order Teriyaki Chicken Bowls at the most precarious of times in the day. I decided a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl would be the cauterizing agent for my recent stab to the soul. On my way to work, I picked one up. I got to work, opened it up, and proceeded to launch teriyaki slop all over my lap. Nice way to rock your workday. I promise. Teriyaki slop all over your nether-junk, is super attractive. All the boys come-a-runnin'.

I struggled through the rest of my work day. Basically, trudging through the day like a soldier through chest-deep mud. Just biding my time until I could get myself home. I decided to finally get started on the blog I've been meaning to get up and running for about a year or so now. I figured it would be a good way to distract me, and it'd be really hard for me to hurt myself or anyone else while doing so. I got about half-way through and then realized it was time to head home.

I got home, and the internet wasn't working.

Now granted, I know all of these things in this day, probably seem kind of small. But to me, the passport thing is an issue that can't be paralleled. It means EVERYTHING to me. If I can't get out of this country, SOON, I'm gonna lose it! My goal was to get my ass to London by the end of 2009. It's where I was born, I have family out there, and I really think it's an amazing city (architecturally, historically, culturally). I just don't want to be there in winter. Cold cold cold. More than that though, in general, all I want to do in this life, is travel (run up insane room service bills, and break something in multiple countries)... and the one thing I've been told over and over again, is that I can't!

I'm done with other people telling me what I can and can't do. I'm going. Watch! The saga continues....

I veto August 17th from this day forward!

P.S. For more thorough information (if you happen to be interested) here's a detailed description of at least PART of my DECADE LONG SAGA from -


I will never get over the glory of this moment, EVER! It always makes my crappy days brighter!

9 things (for now) about health care!

I feel an overwhelming urge to say something. I'm not going to post a bunch of links like I usually do, I'm just going to speak to those of you out there who simply don't know what's going on, and would maybe appreciate a little information without the theatrics, and spoken to you in real life terms. Not in legislation speak, or with pomp and circumstance.

First off - As of this moment, there are 5 bills being proposed. Not one. So when somebody says, "read the bill", ask them which one they're talking about. There are 2 bills in the senate and 3 in the house. They will vote in the house, and come out with one. They will vote in the senate, and come out with one. Both houses will then go to something called a conference committee. In the conference committee, they will negotiate and nitpick both bills until they come up with ONE that they can all agree on, and then they'll take it back to their respective houses and vote on whether or not they think this bill that they came up with (AFTER THE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE) is worthy of being voted into law. There is no ONE bill. Currently there is no "it". What seems to be the most commonly argued though, is Obama's proposal... so here we go.

Second - There will be no bureaucrat between you and your doctor. This is malarkey. But lets just apply common sense to this assertion. What is standing between you and your doctor right now? Some insurance claims person, who actually stands to BENEFIT from saying, "no", to whatever it might be that you desire. Even if there WERE a bureaucrat in my way, I'd by far prefer that to some money hungry leech sitting up in their ivory tower, who wouldn't dare talk to me let alone sit next to me on a subway. The only thing standing between you and your doctor WILL BE an insurance exchange. Read On.

Third - As to the socialism claim, this isn't even close. You actually do yourself and your family a great disservice when you embarrass yourself by proposing that what Obama (only one version of 5 proposed bills, mind you) is trying to accomplish, is socialism, or fascism, or communism, or my personal favorite - nazism. This is not even a single-payer solution. Obama is proposing an INSURANCE EXCHANGE. This is something wholly different from any kind of government run/socialized/communist/single-payer system. In single payer, you the patient, pick your doctor, visit your doctor, and the doctor bills the government. In other words... medicare. Yes, we DO have socialized healthcare in this country already. That said, what Obama is proposing is that INSURANCE companies be held to a higher standard. And that there needs to be a public option that is affordable, and portable, and won't drop people for pre-existing conditions, or because they lost their job, or because they forgot to tell you about that acne medication they used to take when they were 12. How is providing options and information considered socialism? Or Nazism? People need to calm the "F" down, and start educating themselves.

Fourth - This "Government Run" concept is just crazy. Do you really think all of our doctors are going to suddenly become militarized or something? They remain their own businesses. They remain private. THE INSURANCE is what is being put into question here. NOT THE SERVICE! If you ask me... government run INSURANCE will be FAR BETTER than what we've got now!

Fifth - Our current system is absolutely bankrupting us! I know people don't talk about this much, but who do you think is paying for all of those millions of people who don't have health care insurance, but break their arms and run to the emergency room (where it costs 10x more to get ANYTHING done)? Or who suddenly contract the swine flu? I mean we could just let it go, they don't have insurance right? Well how about when that person's kid, goes to school with your kid. Sure your kid's got health insurance, because you're upstanding and responsible (implying that the uninsured is a sleaze-ball of course), but maybe your kid also has asthma and a weaker immune system. Now what? We can't just stop providing care to the uninsured. People will always have emergencies. And as a NATION it's time we all started to stick up for EACH OTHER and stop being so damn greedy! I loved the movie "wall street" too, but Gordon Gecko was kind of a monster!

Sixth - When did it become UN-patriotic to want to see your fellow citizens healthy?

Seventh - When did it become patriotic to advocate a health care system that would gladly keep you JUUUUST well enough to bleed you of every nickel you own? Then you can die. When did a FOR-PROFIT health care system, in the richest country in the world become the American way?

Eighth - This "death panel" thing really bothers me. Genuinely think about this. How sick does a person have to be (or maybe just manipulative) to distort the concept of consulting with your doctor in your more advanced years about how you'd like your final arrangements to be handled (on an every 5 year basis) into being placed in front of a "death panel", who will ultimately decide your fate? That is repulsive, and it takes a warped human mind to be able to do such a thing, let alone espouse it to the nation at large!

Ninth - I will never let this die, and anyone who wants to go with me on this, I'm up for it: Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Bill "PAPA BEAR" O'Reilly, & Rush Limbaugh are tools. Only now, a couple of them have become puppet masters. While some of them are smarter than the others, and some of them even know the news, they just don't report it! They're entertaining commentators. So if you're looking for information they probably aren't the most reliable of sources. They enjoy watching the rise they get out of people. Myself included. They like to watch people adore them. They also like to watch people work themselves into a frenzy over their nonsense. Wouldn't you? I mean if you were cold, and soulless, wouldn't you just LOVE to watch people getting all riled up over some gibberish you spewed forth, which has literally NO effect on you whatsoever. You could just hop into your jet, and watch the peon's below do all your dirty work, while you rake in money hand over fist. It's pretty sick, but it's what's happening.

If this weren't such a serious issue, I'd do my best to just ignore it, but this is pretty serious business we're dealing with here, and I'm really tired of all the disinformation being thrown around.

There's more, and I may add to it as the day goes on, but for now I think I've ranted enough. To be honest, it was kind of cathartic to get this all out. I happen to be a fan of single-payer, but that's not even up for discussion at this point. So really, I would love it... I mean LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, if all the people who have their proverbial panties suddenly in a bunch (and in the most curious of districts) would just calm down and talk about this. I'm referring to BOTH sides too. I think if people would converse, and not scream and yell over each other, there's a chance we could actually get some positive action out of this.

Really folks, we ARE bankrupting ourselves.

The problem (one of them anyway) with Democrats!

I always hear, "how does this happen"? or "how is this even possible"? It's usually in reference to some crazy notion. Something like, "death panels", or the movement known as "birthers", (who completely believe that Obama was born in a Kenya), or even, "Sarah Palin". Yes, quotations were necessary.

I am not presumptuous enough to assert that I know exactly why, but I do think that I can offer up a small inkling of insight, and it's quite simple actually.

One of the biggest complaints about Dem's is their propensity for "elitism". Now, just because someone reads, that doesn't mean they possess a superiority complex, but I digress. In a way, the "elitism" assertion is not entirely false. Being that Democrats tend to exist in a land of utopian idealism mixed with learned logic, it seems completely foreign to them that a phenomena like "Sarah Palin" could even happen. But that's not the problem. The problem is that they're so reluctant to nip it in the bud, as they say. The best, most informative article on Sarah Palin didn't come out until the week before she resigned as Governor... MONTHS after the general election of '08. That's just sad!

When you see the first sign of some loon wagging their finger at THE PRESIDENT for not producing (which he has) his original birth certificate, it needs to be shut down. Not entertained, not ignored (even though yes, it DOES sound crazy) but shut DOWN... PROPER! I know that we've all grown up with the parental wisdom of, "if you just ignore him/her, he'll/she'll go away". When referring to your brother or sister or your elementary school crush/bully, that might be true. In this instance, it's not. Just like with unregulated capitalism, if you just ignore it, it'll bankrupt the world (literally). And remember, these are the same people. Once these insipid claims take root, which really isn't difficult, it takes weeks (at least) to untangle and clean them up.

Maybe it's my super-tough, edgy background which leads me to believe Dem's need to grow a collective pair, but the reason WHY I believe this is neither here nor there. The fact is, Republican's are coming out locked and loaded (literally, even) and somehow they consistently manage to catch Democrats off-balance, off-guard, and totally incapable of snapping back adequately. Dem's then spend the next couple of weeks, cleaning up a mess that has nothing to do with whatever their current goals might be. I know Dem's tend to be more on the pacifistic side, and heaven forbid that you might be lending credence to something less-than-worthy, but as far as I'm concerned it's better to be safe than sorry.


Monday, August 17, 2009

The thing about Michael (Mr. Jackson if you're nasty)

*typed originally 7/7/2009, but not posted until 7/8/2009 (on due to respect for the memorial and a bargain I made with my facebook friends that I would give them this day (7/7) to blow up my page with no retaliation (see... I make good on my promises)*

I would be a fool to say that Michael Jackson's life was insignificant. I would be callous and rude to say that he doesn't deserve all the outpouring of emotion that has come his way in recent days/the past week. I would also however, be remiss in not noting that there seems to be some sort of mass delusion going on with the general public in deifying a man who hasn't really done much good in the past 15 years, and in fact has done quite a lot of questionable, if not downright WRONG things! It's quite reminiscent of a cult, to be honest with you. It's like people are purposely forgetting factual information (i.e. NOT SPECULATION) in order to feel closer to his legend, or something. It's very strange. I am not going to go into the multitude of lawsuits filed against him regarding molestation, and inappropriate touching or anything like that. Regardless of those sorts of dealings there are a MANY NUMBER of other things he has done, which would make him a pariah in pretty much any U.S. community, had he not been the bringer of the "thriller... thriller night!".

For instance, if I regularly had doctors frequenting my domicile, asking them for intravenous drugs, and having them administered to me while my 3 YOUNG CHILDREN were living with me, I'd have CPS on my ass in no time, and my children would be taken from me. If I invited the neighborhood kids over for punch and pie and they all liked me so much that they asked if they could spend the night, and I said yes, and their parents for some godforsaken reason though it'd be a good idea, and I got caught sleeping in the same bed with them... again... trouble for Miss Jenn. If I told a young boy that his cancer could be cured by drinking my "jesus juice", I might not end up in jail, but I'd most likely become the neighborhoods favorite person to hate. And with any luck a big-bad-bro might kick the crap outta me. If I died after these instances alone, I'm pretty sure there would be "hurrah's" of joy bounding from all over this god-fearing, self-righteous, moral country! There might even be defecation on my burial place. Surely spitting in the general direction of my corpse!!!

Being a celebrity does not absolve you of being human and having to account for your public indiscretions.

Yet, this man, who delivered 3 amazing albums*, none of them post 1987, is somehow absolved of such things because he's been everyones favorite media-circus-freak!?!?!? NO! Not OK. It's OK to remember him, but lets be honest about it at least. He wasn't some object, shining on a hill, to be glorified for all things that came after him. He was a sick man. I mean genuinely sick. He was a great artist, who blessed us all with some amazing work... who also was stunted psychologically to the point where he performed inappropriate acts with other peoples children (I don't care if he touched them or not, sleeping in the same bed with other peoples young children is NOT OK!!!) and was a drug addict. Is that so hard? They are both true, and they are both him. Just like "Thriller", "Bad", "P.Y.T.", "Man in the Mirror", "Scream", "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Beat It", "Bad", The Girl Is Mine", "Smooth Criminal", "Dirty Diana", "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough", and "Wanna Be Starting Something", were ALL HIS TOO!!!

Everything that was once great about him, is still here. In the words of his sister, "what have you done for me lately", Michael? He hasn't done ANYTHING worthwhile as of late, and NONE OF YOU KNEW HIM!!!!! You didn't hang out. It's not like he was someone who you met up with weekly for coffee and scones. Your regular everyday life is NOT effected by his passing. He wasn't one of your facebook buddies, and if he was, it was because someone who works under him was updating it on his behalf. Or maybe you signed up on his fanpage, I dunno. What we ALL know is that if he WAS one of your facebook buddies, it wasn't actually him on the facebook! I swear... if *I* died, someone you actually know, and someone who actually IS your facebook friend, I seriously doubt you'd be having the same emotional reaction that a lot of people have been having over the Michael. All of his amazing recordings, and videos, are still with us. That doesn't change. The memories that you have of how he effected your youth are still with you. Those memories don't die with him. They stay with you forever.

The man lived a tormented life, one filled with beatings, and controversy, and jealousy, and enabling, and paparazzi, and selfishness, and greed, and MASSIVE wealth, and isolation, and ignorance, and is something that not a single one of us could ever completely understand being that we weren't him. It is VERY likely that his death was a blessing. I can not imagine the daily torment he went through that he called a life. But to dismiss his flaws, and pretend he was some sort of untouchable deity for the sake of honoring his death isn't fair. If you truly love him, love all of him, and then try to reconcile why you think it's OK for him to be a drug addict with three kids but it isn't for your neighbor who lives 4 doors down. Or try explaining to your 40 year-old neighbor why you won't let your kids spend the night at his place, unsupervised.

*cuz lets all be honest here kids, everything after "bad", was worse. He did have a song here and/or there, but there wasn't another album post-"bad" that came even close.

I originally posted some links of articles here for reference, but I omitted them this time around.