Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 17th, 2009

This was one of my worst days of 2009:

Woke up early for spin class, only to be told that the class was full, and I'd have to be put on a wait list. If somebody with a reservation didn't make it, I could take that spot. News which left me completely downtrodden because it had been three full weeks since my last class. And I loves me some spin. (Luckily though, I got in at the last second.)

Next, got home from spin to a post-it stuck to my door, informing me that a package I've been DYING to get back from the British Embassy was there to be dropped off, but it required a signature, and since I missed it, I was going to have to wait another day. I have been working on getting my passport from the British Embassy all year Starting in January. It's been a devastatingly long, drawn out, arduous process that makes me often-times want to hurt things or people, not excluding myself.

About 20 minutes later, there was a knock at my door. I answered it and it was the UPS guy. YAY, right? I was very excited. He asked me for a cigarette. Apparently, he could see by the smoking patio I have cultivated (an ashtray monument, if you will - Thank you Blake!) that smokers occupied the building. I was fine with sharing though, because the guy had brought me my long awaited passport. Or so I thought. I opened up the fancy-pants overnight envelope with that effortless, rip of the "pull here" tab, only to find all of the paperwork I had originally sent out to D.C. staring back at me. I was crushed! I was angry! I was livid! I wanted to pull my hair out from it's roots! And then I cried... and cried... and then I gathered myself, spoke to a few people on the phone who were worried about me... breathed deeply... and cried again.

I eventually gathered myself. I decided crying was no way to handle it. I'd just have to work a little harder than everyone else does (which is a SERIOUS theme in my life) to get the same result. I cleaned myself up and headed out to work.

My High School BFF, Carrie, and I used to go to Jack in the Box and order Teriyaki Chicken Bowls at the most precarious of times in the day. I decided a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl would be the cauterizing agent for my recent stab to the soul. On my way to work, I picked one up. I got to work, opened it up, and proceeded to launch teriyaki slop all over my lap. Nice way to rock your workday. I promise. Teriyaki slop all over your nether-junk, is super attractive. All the boys come-a-runnin'.

I struggled through the rest of my work day. Basically, trudging through the day like a soldier through chest-deep mud. Just biding my time until I could get myself home. I decided to finally get started on the blog I've been meaning to get up and running for about a year or so now. I figured it would be a good way to distract me, and it'd be really hard for me to hurt myself or anyone else while doing so. I got about half-way through and then realized it was time to head home.

I got home, and the internet wasn't working.

Now granted, I know all of these things in this day, probably seem kind of small. But to me, the passport thing is an issue that can't be paralleled. It means EVERYTHING to me. If I can't get out of this country, SOON, I'm gonna lose it! My goal was to get my ass to London by the end of 2009. It's where I was born, I have family out there, and I really think it's an amazing city (architecturally, historically, culturally). I just don't want to be there in winter. Cold cold cold. More than that though, in general, all I want to do in this life, is travel (run up insane room service bills, and break something in multiple countries)... and the one thing I've been told over and over again, is that I can't!

I'm done with other people telling me what I can and can't do. I'm going. Watch! The saga continues....

I veto August 17th from this day forward!

P.S. For more thorough information (if you happen to be interested) here's a detailed description of at least PART of my DECADE LONG SAGA from www.facebook.com/jennsbook - http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&suggest&note_id=102052497340


  1. A bullet and a shovel solves everything!!

  2. Andar & I will break multiple things tonight in honor of your shitty day. I still have my NHS card from England—good luck with the red tape.

    Burn everything!!

  3. Don't encourage me. Jenn <3's fire!

    And while breaking things in my honor is a dubious distinction that I greatly appreciate, it's just not the same as getting the personal satisfaction of seeing something that was once whole, crumble to pieces because of YOU! What am I saying? You know this! I don't need to tell you.

    Burn indeed!