Saturday, August 29, 2009


The Rolling Stones - Play With Fire

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Another week passes. The birthday week of one of my girls. It's been eventful. There's nothing too extravagant or amazing in this blog, just a recap.

Badass B-Day BBQ at Carrie's, where two of my friends ended up so hammered I was genuinely concerned about their well-being. Arguments ensued. Love and hate raged! Somehow through all the nonsense, I ended up having a pretty swell time.
Carrie's ACTUAL Birthday, where two more of my, (I"ll call them), acquaintances revealed their mild need for babysitting and Marilyn Manson revealed his GRAND need for theatrics. Without them, his show left me disenchanted. I guess though, for Mr. Manson, disenchantment is kind of his thing, so maybe that's the whole idea.
I decided to head out to Paladino's for their final night of swing dancing. I saw a load of old friends. It was nice, but a little bittersweet. I feel as though I have met so many people swing dancing who 1) I don't understand, 2) who don't understand me, 3) I would never have come across were it not for dancing, and 4) probably wouldn't have anything to do with me, were it not for the fact that they think I have something to offer them. It makes me feel dirty. The people I saw who DON'T fall into that category however, are so missed and it was so intensely satisfying to see their beautiful smiling faces again, and all in one place. Kim and Dave are truly wonderful people. I am so happy to see the turnout in support of them, and consider it an enormously complimentary testament to their incomparable character as PEOPLE (not just dancers). It was so over-the-top body heat humid in that place, I could barely bring myself to breath for fear of contracting the swine flu. (did you know I actually broke out in hives on my face because some dude hugged me so hard while he was sweaty? I had an allergic reaction, and have never been able to respond in kind to sweat ever again.)
Two urges overcame me that night. 1 - to MAYBE throw another LA/OC Lindy Binge and 2 - To learn Argentine Tango. Damn that's HOT!
nun'ya damn bidness. This one is for me, you can't have it!
Girls Night. The girls were in full effect. It was fantastic, and cathartic. Good show at the Grove, followed by normal weekly shenanigans at McClures. Crazy couple showed up and "daaaaannnnccced the Niiiight away". Which was entertaining until the gentleman of the couple decided to sit down and reveal his hairy belly to the bar, periodically rubbing an ice cold glass of water across it in, what I'm guessing was, an attempt to cool himself. As Carrie said, "old man AC?" On my way home, I stopped for a little snacky-poo and almost got barfed on. When I smartly chose another destination for said, snacky-poo, some OTHER dude asked me for a ride... at 2 AM!!! Come on... I'm a slasher flick lover... are you NUTS!? Yeah... why don't I just go investigate a suspicious sound upstairs, while wearing lingerie (if that), beckoning "hello?" the whole time, in the dark too buddy??? Come on.
Woke up to the delivery of my John Hughes movies (FINALLY)! Was determined to begin Hughes-fest. Decided for a nice night in with Mr. Hughes and "The Breakfast Club". Wine, fruit, and frozen yogurt.

Throughout the week there were some interspersed political issues. Mostly health reform nonsense. I don't understand a country as developed as this one which can't seem to reconcile within itself that health care for every single one of it's citizens is a GOOD THING!!! Something that we should fight for. For a country so utterly consumed with competition and being number one (at anything and everything possible), I can't understand how it's accetable to so many that we are THE ONLY industrialized, democratic union WITHOUT some form of universal coverage. I can go into great detail here... but not now. This is more of an overview of my week, not Crankfest '09.

The summer is drawing to a close, and it seems like the problems that have permeated this season are starting to work themselves out. Funny how that works. Some of my younger friends, are finding themselves. It's hard and sad sometimes, but other times it's utterly fascinating and I do my best to keep my mamma bear tendencies out of their way. Some of my older friends, on the other hand, are beginning to see a bigger picture, and see themselves in a better, brighter light. It's inspiring to watch them strive for their personal goals, however major or minor they might be.

As for me, I'm awash with ... "what's next"? Not in any kind of anticipatory, or anxious way... just... being, and hoping I can at least be a little like Republica, and "Ready to Go"!

One thing I'm definitely ready for? H2 (Halloween 2). Come to mamma!

Ted Kennedy died this week. The Liberal Lion has passed. For all of their controversy, wealth, fame, tragedy, pain, heartache, glory, and glamour, I happen to remain a fan of the Kennedy family. Their concern for the common, hard-working man, as a whole remains unmatched.

DJ AM died today too. I'm just keeping my mouth shut on this one. As someone who has dealt with hard drug abuse on an up-close, personal level... I'll just say it's always sad when someone dies.

L.A.'s on fire again!
(It's like a) Heat Wave!


  1. This sounds so final. My boys start school tomorrow. This post just killed summer for me. Still <3 ya.

  2. KILLED SUMMER?!?!?!? I'm sorry. i didn't mean to! :(

  3. awww...It's too freaking hot for you to kill summer. It's like a zombie that won't go away!!!