Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music is my...

... Gaia!

I have 3 ipods (I actually have more, but these are the ones I use). I let Justin toy with my pink chromatic nano and gave him free reign over its contents. I handed it over on Thursday and got it back yesterday (Friday) filled with so many musical treats and treasures it's virtually impossible for me to get in a bad mood. I LOVE IT!!!! There's even DEAD BOYS songs on there that I haven't heard!!! I didn't think that was possible. Oh happy happy, joy joy!!!! The dude should become a personalized iPod professional! ;)

Mother Mother - Ghosting

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  1. I still do not have an ipod. I am pleased it brings you so much joy :)

  2. omahguuuuuuudddness! Yes... joy joy joy! Maybe when I get a new one, (which is bound to happen soon enough), I can donate. Everyone needs one! They're life-changing!