Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roy Salvadori

So today I called the British Embassy to try to work out some of this nonsense going on with absurd paperwork. The gentleman who answered the phone was quite charming. He spelled my last name correctly, without any help and I said, "well done, sir. That RARELY happens"! He chuckled and thanked me politely. At the end of the conversation he said, "Miss Salvadori"? Which was kind of odd, because they're supposed to hurry. These calls are ABSURDLY expensive (so much so, that my credit card company called me to confirm the purchase). He continued, "Do you know why I knew how to spell your last name"? I replied with a simple, "no". He continued to go on about a race car driver named Roy Salvadori. "He's very famous. He raced for the Queen", and so on and so forth. I said, "oh yeah... he's my great uncle"! This guy was CLEARLY a racing fan! I swear if he could have gotten it over the phone he might have asked me for MY autograph. "NO WAY! What a small world! Are you joking"? And the like... so yeah.. this is him!

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  1. And then you said, "If you can get my paperwork submitted, approved, and have me in England before the end of the summer, I'll arrange to have you meet Roy."

  2. I would have, if I had any inkling to believe he had any sort of authority to do such! :) I'm feeling better about it though. I'm almost done gathering my life on paper (which is kind of ridiculous by the way) and will probably have it sent off in about a day or so! :)

  3. Too bad you couldn't pull an Erin Brockovich and put the girls to good use.

    Yes, I just said that.