Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Extra Extra Read all About it!!! (Photos - NSFW)

Here's a bunch of relevant info for our day and times... at the bottom (while still informative) I've added a little treat for you all.

*light green = links!

Scary! NYT Opinion Piece: A Threat to Fair Elections - This is going backwards. We do need campaign finance reform, but NOT in the direction of allowing MORE money from MORE corporate/union interests.

The Bush Tax Cuts Cost Two and a Half Times as Much as the

House Democrats’ Health Care Proposal - But Obama's the redistributor of wealth In Chief, right?

More on the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy vs. House Dem. health care proposal

U.S. Forces in Iraq Beginning to Leave, Need for Private Guards Grows - which seems like a really good idea considering Afghanistan's recent run in with private, corporate Guards!!! Guards Gone Wild!

Click the link, but I'll post a few of my faves. FYI - NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!

It's truly shocking that a fact checking organization is needed to prove that - Barack Obama is not the first President to Address Schoolchildren

Rescission: When your health insurance provider decides it's time they don't want to cover you anymore.

And the big daddy of the day... Matt Taibbi's unbelievable, RIGHT-ON, assessment of our sick and twisted Health Care Battle!!! Like Sir Mix-a-Lot, it's long, and it's strong and it's down to get the friction on! It's something you might even want to print out and take with you to those places we don't speak of simply because it's a lengthy read, but it is so completely dense with information and wisdom I recommend it to everyone I know, even the opposition!

After being good boys and girls, and reading up on the relevant stuff, I'm staying good to my word and linking you a treat. I now follow it myself! :)

Integrity is not an Accessory!

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