Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Glenn Beck phenomena

I read a very interesting article about Glenn Beck today. There's an op-ed writer who writes for the New York Times, names Frank Rich, who has some really good pieces and this mornings was no exception. After reading some of his insights though, I was compelled to dig up a couple of Glenn Becks more memorable tirades/breakdowns, and remind anyone who might read this, just how full of shit, and hypocritical, and self-absorbed this joke of a human-life really is.

I'll start with sharing the article, called "Even Glenn Beck is right twice a day".

Now allow me to either (dependent upon your history with the man) refresh your memory, or enlighten you to who this man really is.

This is one of his more melodramatic, I consumed far too much scotch/barbituates before the show, moments:

He did a great job of "catapulting the propaganda" to produce a national disgrace of an event called the 9/12 project. He thought it would be nice to have an event where the people of this great nation came together again, like they did on 9/12. Well, I have 2 videos for you Master Hypocrite! Choke on your own words! You have done more to tear apart and divide this nation than you could ever do to bring it together. You would have to be someone people could actually understand and respect and not worry might break down into a fit of tears and complete mental collapse right before their very eyes, in order to bring people of so many backgrounds and belief systems together. You don't love this country... you love YOUR PERSONAL VERSION of this country.... which involves being a mormon ex-drunk MIDDLE AGED WHITE GUY!!!!! You make me ill!

Video #1 - in which you get a nice sampling of the kind and friendly folk who wanted to revisit the glory of 9/12. The people who put this together did a REALLY great job. They didn't taunt or condescend at all. They asked all the right questions, and had all the facts in tow... like a real journalist, not a cheap rodeo clown!

And for video #2 - get ready. This is his tour de force. He gladly, and proudly admits to hating 9/11 victims and calls Katrina victims scumbags. WOW!!! But he's the compassionate, weepy one right? I don't think so. This guy should be ashamed of himself, and forced off the air. The damage he does is so deep, yet so subversive people don't even know it's happening. It's not that he's a genius either... more like an idiot savant. Shame on you Mr. Beck. You are no patriot. Stop fooling yourself!

WARNING: Very graphic video including 9/11 and Katrina footage.

To counter some of the pain and hate in the last video, I'll post this one which is actually QUITE entertaining. For the record, the word is spelled O-L-I-G-A-R-C-H-Y, and I didn't even have to look it up. Maybe someone who works on his show should have helped him out a little? I don't know, but the fact that this was taped, and aired, tells me a lot about the people he works with. They can't possibly like him.

Allow me to leave you with one last tirade. This one is fairly recent, but I have to add it for comedy value. He's so rude and condescending immediately, where does he expect it to go? It devolves into his screaming like a sissy-lady for this poor woman to "get off my phone"!!! It's pretty amusing actually, but still just listen to his voice dripping with sarcasm and filth.

So really???? This is the compassionate caring guy who just loves his country? Bullshit! This is a guy who would dupe you as far as he could, and take you for everything you've got. Unless you were a minority, in which case, he'd still dupe you, but he'd just hope for you to vote the way he wants you to. He wouldn't sit next to you in the waiting room of his doctors office, let alone take you for ALL you've got.

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