Friday, September 4, 2009

A letter to Pres. Barack Hussein Obama

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Jennifer. I am 31 years old. I live in Orange County, CA and I proudly cast my vote for you last November. I have followed you since the good ol' days. The days when was still cool. Myspace had just recently swallowed up the dinosaur referred to as Friendster. You added me as a friend, and I was intrigued to get a friend request from someone who seemed like a pretty upstanding, diligent, hard-working civil servant. You seemed like a force to be reckoned with, so I added you even though I had no idea who you were. When you decided to run for President, I began digging. I began thinking, "wow, this is the guy who added me as a myspace friend, can he be for real? I wonder what his deal is?" The more I dug, the more interested I became, and the more I realized that you were a new breed of politician. You sounded like me. When I read your work, you seemed like someone genuinely in touch with the everyday American, but with the uncanny knack for relaying life experience, and intelligence with words. I wanted to know all I could about your history, and your politics, and your method of governing. The deeper I got, the more politically aware I became, and I was stupefied by your ease. I was mystified by your grace and calm in times of controversy. You seemed like a person the world could relate to and respect, mostly because you seem to give as much respect as you receive. You didn't condescend. You spoke to people's hearts, and it seemed like your policy backed that up.

In November, after many months of spreading the word and egging on friend after friend after friend to get out to the polls, millions of people who felt much like I did, voted for you. There are a GREAT number of reasons why they voted for you in such great numbers, not the least of which being what I described above. Your sincerity and your genuine concern for the common everyday hard-working American was refreshing, and something this country so GREATLY needed.

In recent weeks, I have found myself wrestling with a constant inner struggle regarding health care. You know, just like roughly 70% of this country knows, that we are in desperate need of reform. So I am left wondering why you would even consider turning your back on that overwhelming majority of American's who were counting on you to bring about the change we so ravenously desire? I understand that a man with your mental fortitude may see things on a much larger scale than the rest of us, and that's fine, but with your unparalleled oral mastery I would imagine there has GOT to be a way that you could explain things with a little more hutzpah. Where is the candidate who shouted "ENOUGH!" at the Democratic National Convention at Mile High stadium, in Colorado? Has the American public already worn you out in these few short months? Have you already quit on us? I know we're a hard bunch to manage, but I think you're up to it.

You know as well as I do, that about 80% of politics is being a good salesman, and I've watched you do it. For the most part, I would say that you play chess while most of the rest of us are playing checkers. And it's entirely possible that you're doing the same thing here. I tend to be of the mind that most of the opposition have run their course, and it won't be long before the wind in their sails has all but faded to calm. In the meantime however, I think it would be nice for those of us who put our trust and hope in you to lead this nation out of the crumbling empire it was becoming to see that fire you once possessed with such ease and grace. The lies and nonsense and ridicule and violence that has been perpetrated in the name of freedom should not go without rebuttal. Not just rebuttal however, but classy, articulate, logic-riddled, indisputable facts. You, Mr. President, have this gift. You sir, are absolutely capable of reigniting the grassroots flame you once had burning for you in the best of ways. You know how to motivate masses of people to be positive, informed, and passionate about what they believe in, and to take that positive, informed, and passionate opinion to the people.

I beg of you, Mr. President, PLEASE... bring back some of that fire. Show us that impassioned, bold, strong warrior with the people (notice I said with, not of or for, but with) and FIGHT for our "general welfare". We fought for you! We believe in you! Please, believe in yourself and our cause on this one. We would LOVE to get behind you once more and fight for the betterment of our nation. Many of us already are, but I'm of the mind that you have the power/gift to create a windfall of support that would prove itself to be unstoppable!

Thank you for your time.
Jennifer Salvadori~!~

P.S. Can we please prosecute some of these Wall Street/Banking MONSTERS???

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  1. Bravo! Truly loved this letter. I hope you actually mailed this out. I sent a letter to the president too and blogged about it, but didn't share it. It was about the mortgage crisis. Please mail it. Please please please.