Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The shampoo fragrance dilemma

The Shampoo Fragrance dilemma is officially over!!! About six to eight weeks ago I bought a new shampoo. It's made by TiGi, part of it's BedHead line, named "Foxy Curls". It smelled amazing. Every time I washed my hair I would rummage through a number of super sugary products in my brain.
"Is it Pixi Stix?" "Maybe it's a Jolly Rancher I'm thinking of? Yeah, that's it! Grape? Strawberry? Apple maybe?" "NO I got it! It's cotton candy!!!" "Gum?" All of these came up short. I knew I was off, I just couldn't place it. I was considering,
no joke, washing my hair at friends houses until I could accurately pinpoint what I was smelling! And then, tonight... in the shower... it dawned on me. I FINALLY figured it out, and I feel so much better! Almost vindicated! Foxy Curls shampoo SMELLS LIKE SKITTLES!!!! That super fruity, not-just-one-fruity-sugary-substance smell you get when you open that glossy red bag... THAT'S THE SMELL!!!! Huzzah!!!

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