Sunday, September 6, 2009

OC Street Fair/

All righty kids, Mamma's got some pictures to share. I met up with Carrie yesterday to go to the Orange County Street Fair. We pre-gamed at her place, where the glory of the good ol' Monopoly theory was revisited. This is something I will have to delve into at a later date, but I promise you, it's fairly brilliant.

After breaking into someones house, which I'm pretty sure we did, we headed on over to the international food and beer festival, where it was SO BUSY we ended up eating no food or drinking any beer. Disappointed!

To explain a little more about the photos, Carrie's got a couple of friends (Djay and Brandon) who take professional quality photos for events and parties (check out - for more). They tend to go a little crazy with the photography which is unfortunate for someone like me who tends to be NON-photogenic, and/or doing something she shouldn't be doing. Getting caught in the act of debauchery is one thing, but being PHOTOGRAPHED... oh no, that just won't do. :)

First... this post, brought to you by the letters D and J, and the number 7 (and by 7, I mean Brandon).


Onto the evenings festivities:
I have nothing to do with this photo. In fact, it was taken before Carrie and I even arrived. I just think Djay's infiltration is high-larious, and LOVE his expression:

Carrie and I arriving to flash photography (so hot right now):

For some reason, I decided to bury my face in her arm?!?!? Ugh!

We started wandering, and ran across these volleyball chicks. I was intrigued. They were so tall... and loud... and wearing pirate hats!

We also ran into an old friend of ours from High School, Steve. He's one of the best guys I've ever known!

And then... things start to blur:

Where are we? Who are we with? Why are we in a line? Who's this dude with no lenses in his glasses? Have I eaten? How much did I drink? Why am I teaching people the lesser known version of jazz-hands that some theatre snob taught me???

I think this girl might have the prettiest smile I've ever seen:

And of course, the theme of the evening... drinks... drinks drinks drinks, and confusion:

We ended up leaving fairly early, which was probably a very good thing. I had a poker game waiting for me at home. I ended up being awake until roughly 5 AM, and I'm completely unclear what I was doing between the hours of 12 midnight and about 12 noon this morning. I was however, greeted with a brutal hangover this morning and I probably deserved it.

I'm getting too old for this crap.

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