Saturday, November 28, 2009

OH Sweet SLEEPY!!!

With the time change and 10 hour flight, I feel like a day has been stolen from me, but also so incredibly tired I can barely think straight.

The plane I flew in on was populated with some of the prettiest/most stylish people I've ever seen at 30,000 feet. It was long, but great. I will forever recommend Virgin Atlantic for international flights, if possible. Even the flight attendants were pretty (both male and female). And let me not forget ... one of the was named "Rad". No joke, his name was RAD! Unfortunately, I couldn't find my camera in enough time to snap a proper photo of his name tag. The in-flight entertainment was absolutely stellar. Movies I watched included, "The Soloist", "The Boat That Rocked" (a.k.a. "Pirate Radio" for us America types), and "The Hangover". They had somehting like 55 movies to choose from, and most of them were awesome! I also played some serious sudoku, but that's another addiction for another day.

When I arrived in Heathrow, things went quite smoothly. I didn't realize how accurate "Love Actually" is!!! There were throngs of people crowding the arrivals gate. I felt like Moses walking out of there ... and then couldn't find my aunt. HAH! So really, more than "Love Actually", as per usual, it turned out more like "Bridget Jones", a comedy of errors, and the two of us passing each other (more than once).

Emma's house is quite adorable. A little cottage home, perfect for a single person or couple. I love it! She demands it's too small, but I strongly disagree. I think it's wonderful. I'll try to post some pictures (hopefully tomorrow), but tonight I am just too sleepy. Hopefully I will wake up with renewed energy to take on a sunday pub extravaganza. Emma's dog, Meg, is the kookiest cutest mix of creatures I may have ever seen. She seems like she should be in a movie or something. Like she's the outcast dog that nobody likes and then she wins everyone over with her undeniable charm. Much like Rudolph. Again, pictures tomorrow.

She made me soup (potato leek) for lunch and shepherd's pie for dinner. SO GOOD!!! I love the homemade comfort-y goodness and we've been chatting for hours! Watching television here gives me hope though. They actually spotlight real looking people. Rather than waifs with boob jobs, there are real men and women, with real bodies, doing real-people things. It's a nice change! Now that's change I can believe in.

So today, was kind of a catch-up day, tomorrow ... let the games begin.

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