Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is It!

I was just completely floored by "This is it". Michael Jackson was undoubtedly an icon. But I think he's an icon in more than one way. Not only is he an icon of artistic genius, but he's an icon of pretty much everything that is wrong with our hyper-infatuated celebrity-stalking culture. It's highly unlikely that he even knew how to brew a pot of coffee. All he's known since childhood, is music, and stardom, and pain, and medication. He was clearly an incredibly loving and caring human being, with talent oozing from his every orifice (and probably some places that couldn't even be classified as an orifice), but there is something entirely disturbing about the emptiness evident in his eyes. It's undeniably clear that his whole life was spent looking for love, or at least whatever he thought love was.

"This is It", is an incredible exhibition of his vocal and dancing skill, his infinite patience, and his calculating perfectionist eye for production on a scale unseen. It is also however an exhibition of a man who has been used as a vessel for others pleasure that was never fully reciprocated. He is essentially, the worlds most revered rape victim! And as odd as it may sound, those revering him are among the guilty.

I was skeptical when I walked into the theatre, but I am SO GLAD I did. I walked out having rediscovered my respect for his unwavering professionalism and talent, and crystalizing my belief that he was one of the most tragic beings to ever grace this planet. We are all better having been treated to the likes of him.

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