Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reaffirming my faith in humanity

Monday afternoon, one of the parents who likes to visit with me told me a great story.

Apparently he believes that every kind deed a person does is revisited upon them. I like it. I can get behind that. So he was telling me how he and his son used to always see this little old lady walking around Laguna in a somewhat suspicious manner, so they started to kind of follow her around and attempt to observe what exactly she was up to. Creepy so far? I thought so too. "Hello sir, you're teaching your kid to be a stalker. Awesome!" But in my infinite kindness, I allowed him to continue. ;)

He went on to explain that she was going around to all the different coin return slots in the area checking for any change that might have been left behind. He apparently also frequents a gym in this area. He would see the same old lady every time when he was in the gym looking out onto the street. Finally, he decided he was going to grab all the change he could find just laying around the house and in his car, map out her coin-collecting route, and plant the spare change he had in the coin return slots before she got there. He told his son about the plan and every week (at least once, oftentimes more) they go out and plant money for this little lady to rifle through. They then go to the gym and watch her as her face lights up with joy everytime she comes across a sweet little coin-laden treasure.

I'm not a big fan of handing out money to people on the street. A sammich? Sure. But money? Not-So-Much. For some reason though, this case ... well, it warmed the cockles of my heart.

Do hearts really have cockles?

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  1. My theorized heart cockles are also warmed. *smiles brightly*